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Sincerely, Laury
By Laury Diacero

"I’d like to thank you for taking the time to listen to my journey through life. Each and every song was composed and created from Diary entries. I decided to release premixed and premastered because I had lots of friends and family pushing for me to realize the album. I had these songs sitting for years and although I may not have the proper resources or means now to get each song to its full potential.The Battle i fought through Depression and Suicidal Thoughts could save someone else and thats why I have decided with the help of family and friends that the message behind the Climb and Journey of the Album is far too important to me, for it not to be heard. If I keep waiting for the perfect moment, that moment may never come. With that said, I aspire that 1 person be touched by my music and feel like they are less alone. Even if it is only one person, that's what makes everything worth it. That's what music is for."

Laury Diacero

CEO, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur & More. There is no limit to the potential reached. A jack of all trades. Through the music she expresses her passions, love, and pain, never ending potential and discipline. Never steering away from her goals, she's the definition of a Goddess.

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